Admission Procedure

We expect the parents to go through the FAQ first and get the application form, and submit the same along with a copy of Birth Certificate and Transfer certificate (for classes higher than KG)

The child along with the parents will be called for an interaction and the child will be observed for basic comprehending skills according to the level.

Document Checklist
  • 2 Nos. colour photo (passport size)
  • Certified true copy of the birth certificate
  • Transfer Certificate from Previous school.
  • Photocopy of Previous school mark- sheets. (Grade 1 onwards)(On the date of School Re-opening)
  • For KG - on the basis of evaluation by the KG Team of teachers.
  • For Grade 1 to Grade 3 Entrance exam will be held for subjects English & Math.
  • From Grade 4 to 9 entrance exam will be held for subjects English, Math & Science.
Entrance Exam
  • The result for the entrance exam will be announced within two days.
Selection Result
  • After the declaration of the result within 3 days the applicant should pay the confirmation fees.
Admission open at East Tambaram, Perungudi, Kilkattalai. Follow Admission Open For 2018 - 19


University of Cambridge International Examinations is the world's largest provider of international qualifications for 5-19 year olds. Cambridge's broad range of qualifications is recognised by universities, education providers and employers across the globe.’ Source:

CIE is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 14-19 year olds. In fact: “good grades at A and AS Level can result in one full year of advanced standing or credit at universities in the USA and Canada and it is accepted as an entry qualification by universities of the European Union, on a par with the French Baccalaureate, the German Abitur, etc

It operates in over 160 countries around the world and is offered by over 8000 institutions, comprising 1.5 million entries.

For some CIE IGCSE and A level subjects, such as Art, PE and First Language English, students may enter a coursework component for their examination. The advantage is that students are able to prepare and revise work in their own time, before submitting it for external moderation by CIE. For students this provides an opportunity to work towards a higher grade than they may achieve under examination conditions!

To ensure worldwide security of examinations, there is a morning and afternoon KEY TIME which, here in Izmir during the May/June exam session, is 12:00 and 16:00. Students sitting an examination must be either in the examination or under supervision at the relevant key time. For this reason, the office will be making special transport arrangements with the students who need to stay until16:00 to meet the CIE Key Time supervision regulations.

The logo reflects CIE’s commitment to ‘Excellence in Education’. As an authorized CIE centre, we aim to meet the standards of excellence CIE sets in 160 countries.

The top five most studied IGCSE subjects are: Mathematics; English as a Second Language; First Language English; Biology; Physics.

A letter grade from A – G is awarded. For parents or other institutions that require a percentage equivalent CIE suggests: ‘the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA) publishes a uniform marks scale for IGCSE. This is as follows: A*=90-100; A=80-89; B=70-79; C=60-69; D=50-59; E=40-49; F=30-39; G=20-29.

‘Although the majority of candidates take IGCSE at age 16 and Cambridge International A levels at 18, there is no minimum age requirement, as long as the candidate is judged to have the ability and confidence to sit the examinations.’

If your child is in Year 6 s/he sits the Cambridge International Checkpoint Primary tests in Maths, Science and English (first language). If your child is in Year 9 s/he sits the Checkpoint tests in Mathematics,Science and English (first language). If your child is in Year 11-13 s/he will be entered for IGCSE/AS/A level courses corresponding to the syllabuses s/he has opted to study this year. If you have any questions about examinations please contact the centre’s Examinations Officer.

On Parent Consultation Day there is a Course Selection Presentation. The College Counselor, the Secondary Coordinator and the Examinations Officer are all available to assist students and parents make important choices. Students from Year 9 to Year 12 are issued with their Course Selection Handbooks at a special assembly introducing and explaining their options.

CIE's first-ever website dedicated entirely to students studying for Cambridge International Examinations. It offers CIE students, with additional resources to succeed. From syllabuses, past papers and study checklists to exam information, competitions and other interactive items, the Cambridge Students website is the source for all the information you need.

After lengthy consultations, final entries are made for our students and confirmed in a Statement of Entry. It is, however, possible to make alterations up until early April, but there are additional fees that must be paid to any amendments made after January 21st.

Although it is now possible to be awarded A* at A level as well as IGCSE, it is not awarded by CIE for AS levels. But a Grade A at any level is a good indication of a high level of attainment!

Yes, sometimes! At Checkpoint and IGCSE levels, and in subjects that are not languages, translation dictionaries may be used, which means that a student can use a dictionary to translate key words in, for example, a Maths exam. The disadvantage is that the student loses valuable time, but it can help. Dictionaries must be in book form.

Admission Open