Ms. Suja Geetha

Certified Student Counsellor confidently takes up tasks capable of taking initiative, she is currently the EXAM OFFICER.

Ms. Vijaya Meenakshi

Her focused discipline and consistent efforts has shaped her into a very good physics teacher with her hard work she has risen to the position of academic coordinator.

Mr. Vignesh

A young , dynamic and enthusiastic educator who actively engages the children towards the world of robotics and engages them in the hands on training.

Ms. Shanthi Natarajan

Well versed with the nuances of helping children to score marks, an experienced coach, a very good hand to take care of theoretical subjects.

Ms. Sharala Dhevi.M.M

Multi-dimensional personality, good at motivating children, engages children in outdoor activities, Also teaches Biology.

Ms. Sangeetha

Carries an attitude which is Congenial with the children, so it makes comfortable for her to influence them .Handles Maths effortlessly.

Ms. Sreedevi

Carries herself at most decorum and dignity, she looks immersed in her activities which also shows in the results.

Ms. Gowri

Calm and composed, carries Zen type attitude, goes out of the way to help children, a go to person for her peers.

Ms. Vidhya

Trained in American Accent, creatively holds the attention of bubbling enthusiastic kg kids. Recently, completed Delf A2.

Ms. Revathi

Spreads herself thin, involving herself in almost everything that the school engages in, meticulous in submission, handles Maths and Science.

Mr. Veeraraghavan

Pious gentle man culturally & religiously trained and shaped, good at Sanskrit stoops down to the level of children in teaching Language.

Ms. Arthipriya

Our Prime English hand, uses innovative pedagogy according to the learner, sharp in assessing students.

Ms. Anuradha

Passionate in handling social studies for middle & High school, presently working and developing an individual curriculum in Social Studies.

Ms. Seetha Lakshmi

Music Teacher, vibrant, looks busy, traditional and culturally bent. Handles Tamil musically & music as Tamil.

Ms. Somini

Mostly she is the one, any person will meet first in the school young; enthusiastic, ambitious handles office and office people with an and uncanny knack, also handles French for primary children

Ms. Anusuya

Even though a new comer, to the school has gelled with the school quickly and comfortably a part from handling computer science and Hindi as subjects she extends has service and a support staff with the computer hardware and software, Website maintenance. She is currently our e-coordinator.

Ms. Gayathri charan

Her clear communication style captivated students’ attention throughout the learning process.

Ms. Gowri.P

her enthusiasm for teaching facilitates to a positive learning atmosphere and willingness to experiment with new teaching strategies is commendable.

Ms. Poorkodi

an enthusiastic teacher who contributes to a positive learning atmosphere and strengthens the scientific enquiring minds among the young learners.

Ms. Thilagavathi

A friendly and enthusiastic member who possesses great potential in making the students fit in sports activities.

Ms. Vidhya Kavish

Systematic facilitator who uses innovative techniques in up scaling the learners.

Ms. Yamini

This resource recently joined the school shows the exemplary interest towards the culture and tradition of the school, volunteering herself in all art and craft work and she also teaches tamil for lower grades.

Non-teaching Staff

Our Supporting Staff