Games are part and parcel of a student's life. It is an inseparable part of Education System. The main objective of education is to develop the students physically, mentally and morally. It is well said that sound body contains a sound mind. If a body is weak, the mind cannot be very strong. There is a very good old saying " Health is wealth." Students who play games become social. They have more friends than the students who don't play games. Students don't remain reserved in life. They are open and learn the art of adjustment. Games also teach to have patience and presence of mind. They learn team-spirit and co-operation. Such things are very important when the students enter the work-force.


Sports develop the physical as well as mental strength in students. Daily physical exercise is essential for students because exercise not only helps students to stay healthy, but it also helps to improve their emotional fitness.

Sports should be a major part of the school curriculum because if students stay emotionally and physically healthy, they can easily focus on their studies. Students have to participate in school sports to increase confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem. Sports are important in schools because it helps to teach various skills to students like leadership, patience, patience, team efforts, and social skills.

We provide both indoor and outdoor games like, table tennis, badminton, carom, chess , volley ball, throw ball, basketball.


Yoga classes in our school help kids fight against stress and anxiety. The intervention improved psychosocial and emotional quality of life scores for students, as compared to their peers who received standard care.

What’s Included

  • Quality instruction by a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, whether classes happen in-person.
  • Dynamic and engaging classes rooted in the methodology that designed to support social emotion learning
  • Administrative support for program set up, scheduling, and coordination
  • Pre- and post-program student and teacher surveys to assess student needs and program impact
  • Professional development for assigned instructor including ongoing coaching and mentorship, and review of feedback from site visits
  • Absolute commitment to your kids and the entire school community

The seamless integration of mind and body, heart and soul, is the base for all superficial accomplishments. Such feats become possible only with a disciplined life-style. The combination of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines, which aim to transform the body and the mind, is yoga. The students of classes I-X have regular yoga classes in their schedule that help them, in exercising control over both the body and the mind. The students learn the analysis of perception, as the expansion of consciousness happens. They understand that, yoga is a path to the omniscience. The students who pursue yoga as a part of their regular curriculum enjoy the benefits of yoga such as tranquility, insight and enlightenment.


Our aim is to bring the benefits the karate training to as many children as possible, helping them to build their self-confidence and emotional skills so they have the chance to reach their full potential in everything they do.

We teach karate to the students with the aim to Promote and execute physical fitness and mental health. To mould our generation to prevent from hereditary, inborn, genetic and contagious health problems and to bring out our future generations as a healthy and disease-free generation, this is only possible through Martial Arts. The students of classes I-VIII have regular karathe classes in their schedule that help them to prevent from hereditary, inborn, genetic and contagious health problems and to bring out our future generations as a healthy and disease-free generation.


An excursion is usually a brief pleasure trip. It is an activity organized by the school during which students leave the school premises to engage in educational adventures. Schools are encouraged to adopt the practice of excursion because of its tendency to add reality to learning experiences which consequently enriches the courses of study and motivate both teachers and learners.

Furthermore, excursions give exciting educational experiences deeper than the regular school environment affords. It has been proven that visits to places like zoos, nature centers, community agencies (like fire stations and hospitals), government agencies, local business, and museums increase the chances of the learners retaining what is being taught in the classroom. Findings also reveal that children learn about different professions, ideas, and opportunities when they travel outside their own neighborhood which increases their desire to try new things owing to the interest it sparks in them.


To improve the flexibility , hand – eye co-ordination , kinaesthetic awareness , balance strength , muscular and cardio vascular stamina in the growing children , We have silambam classes from grade IV to VIII as a part of our extra-curricular activity.