In line with the philosophy of AdiSankara, Advaitha, which inarguably the best explanation given as answers for the primordial questions of the mankind, and with his impeccable directions on how the mankind and every human should live on this earth is taken as the guiding principles for shaping every child of the institution.

As it is a well-known fact, that prior to the British era, we had an educational system, which provided livelihood for every citizen then and also held the Self Esteem of every person in high esteem. With the intention of breaking the Self Esteem and to enslave India, McCauley consciously and methodically changed the educational system and brought an educational system which produced simple clerks with no capacity to think, but to carry out instructions given by the British to enable them to carry out their thinking through us. And even after almost 70 years after independence we are still holding on to the slave mentality. We at global concentrate more on conceptual understanding of the children therefore for us the textbook is only a guide.

A leader is made up of following traits:

  • Confidence
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication
  • Self-esteem.

—S.K. Sundararajan

We at SSGA are committed to inculcating these traits among learners who are the future leaders of our country. With regard to the curriculum even though we follow IGCSE, our children are equally prepared with the content of both IGCSE and CBSE enabling the children to migrate if necessary to other boards and also to be more aware of the curricula at the primary level.